“The New Yorker” – A Nutter’s Favorite

Meat lovers seem to be enjoying the generous amount of Pastrami (1/2 Pound) on our New Yorker. We introduced this as a special and decided to put it on the menu permanently as it grew in popularity. For those looking for a toasty grilled version, just ask our staff to place it on the panini press for you. […]

A heard of Buffalos spotted at Nutter’s

Reports show as many at 40 Buffalos were spotted today in Newark. Luckily no one was hurt as these were the friendly type of Buffalos indiginous to Nutter’s  that make you say “mmmmmmmm…….get in my belly.”

Fresh Slaw Made Thursdays & Fridays

We have a mean recipe for cole slaw that has just the right amount of sweetness added.  Our slaw is served with any of our crab cake dishes and can be purchased separately in our catering menu.